Want to See Spider-Man and The Avengers in the Same Movie?

Now after the movie juggernaut that The Avengers has become, he’s having second thoughts.

When talking to Crave Online about it Arad said, “Everything is possible. If something like that happens, it’s great for Disney, it’s great for Sony, if the right story comes in. We are now working on Venom first. It’s our first out, so our thinking is in the right direction. Avengers to me was an expected success so I never looked at it because Avengers was successful.”

“The way to make team-up movies work is to create the raw materials, both technically and creatively, in other movies first,” he continued. “Team-ups can happen once you create the character, establish the CG, otherwise it’s not affordable.”

What do you think? Think Spider-Man appearing in an Avengers movie is ever gonna happen?