Kevin Feige Offers Updates on Iron Man 3 and Thor 2

On Iron Man 3, he said: “We don’t equate bigger with better. It’s Tony’s most personal journey since he was trapped in a cave in the first half of the first movie, but it’ll also have the largest spectacle of any of the ‘Iron Man’ movies.”
Kind of an ironic quote since The Avengers was the biggest and argueably the best of the Marvel films. Though it is good to know that Marvel doesn’t look at their films the way Michael Bay treats Transformers.
On Thor 2, he added: “We’re going to see the other side of Asgard. It’s not all polished and golden in this film. And the events of ‘Avengers’ will have affected Thor for sure. His relationship with Loki will continue to evolve, and the biggest part is Natalie Portman, and Thor returning with Jane Foster.”
Many have speculated that it will be difficult for the characters to return to their respective films and have it resonate the same way or be as fun after The Avengers. Feige, however, talks so eloquently about them that we should all take a breath and relax, knowing they’re in good hands.