Fan-Made Avengers Blu-ray Case Might be the Most Epic Case Ever

With the details for The Avengers Blu-ray and DVD just announced, we’ve all gotten a look at the features and what the covers will look like. Fan reaction has been pretty mixed about the three different covers. With no official word yet on if there will be a giant box set one day featuring all of the Marvel films, a lone fan on the internet took it upon himself to design one.

Dave Delisle over at Dave’s Geeky Ideas has created what might be one of the best looking and coolest ideas for a DVD box set ever, take a look.

He says the design has the capacity to hold over 30 discs, and thus would hold all of the current and future Marvel films. He estimates that the size of it is 26” long, 16” wide, and 12” high.  

Can you imagine having this bad boy on your shelf?? Sound off in the comments, what do you think?!