Universal to Develop LEGO’s Hero Factory

Predators screenwriters Michael Finch and Alex Litvak will provide the screenplay, based on the following official storyline:

The mighty Hero Factory. A beacon of strength and security throughout the universe. Hero Factory stands fortress-like in the centre of Makuhero City, impenetrable and incorruptible – until now!

The vast and hideous collection of villains and monsters, held inside Hero Factory’s Storage Facility, have somehow broken their container locks and are fleeing from Makuhero City to all corners of the galaxy.

As the heroes battle to capture the villains, it soon becomes apparent that the breakout is merely a way to distract the heroes from the actions of the evil Black Phantom, who has stayed behind to destroy the Factory’s Assembly Tower.

With the mission managers immobilized by Black Phantom, Hero Factory locked down and all contact with the heroes cut off, Rocka – the only hero not on mission – must use all of his training and expertise to foil Black Phantom’s diabolical plans and save Hero Factory.

Ben Forkner, Mike Gordon and Dean Schneider are set to produce through Film 360.