Bryan Fuller on Possible New Star Trek TV Series

Entertainment Weekly recently spoke to TV writer/producer Bryan Fuller about possibly revisiting “Star Trek” on the tube. Fuller, whose credits include “Pushing Daisies” and “Heroes,” as well as the upcoming “Hannibal” series, told the magazine that he has spoken to director/producer Bryan Singer about bringing “Star Trek” back to television.

“Bryan and I are big fans of Trek and have discussed a take on what we would do, and we would love to do it,” Fuller said. “I don’t think anything is going to happen in any official capacity until after the next movie comes out. And I’m sure it would be wisely under J.J. Abrams’ purview of what happens. He’s the guardian of Trek right now.”

The Star Trek sequel is scheduled for a May 17, 2013 release.

If they did indeed develop a new series, what would you like to see?