Adrianne Palicki on Playing Lady Jaye in G.I. Joe: Retaliation

“Lady Jaye’s a badass,” says Palicki. “…She’s the one chick in the boys club. She can hold her own.”

Though she’s been closely tied to genre projects, Palicki has had the misfortunate of having her Red Dawn delayed until this November and her “Wonder Woman” pilot not picked up by the networks. For Palicki, though, it’s all served as great experience.

“Between ‘Red Dawn,’ ‘Wonder Woman’ and now ‘G.I. Joe,’ I feel like I could actually go and really harm some people with my hands,” she says. “I feel like a Navy SEAL. It’s been fun. I mean, I get paid to do this sh–. I get paid to shoot an AK-47 or a .50 cal or punch some dudes in the face or groin or whatever. It’s a really fun job.”

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