Kenneth Branagh on Patty Jenkins Taking Over for Thor 2

CS: You decided not to direct the “Thor” sequel. Are you still going to be involved as producer since you helped created this world?

Branagh: I think that really it’s over to the guys with that. Timing-wise, it just wasn’t going to work for me, and that’s absolutely been born out by the kind of year I’ve had which has been very busy, but I’m very interested. They’ve made a great choice in Patty Jenkins. I’m very excited about that choice. I’ll be speaking to the guys when I get back. They’re shooting in Shepperton near me, so no doubt, we’ll be hooking up and I’ll be as little or as much of it as they’d like.

CS: Since you’re not directing the movie, maybe you could have an acting role in it.

Branagh: Why don’t you suggest it to them? (Laughs)

CS: Maybe you can play one of the Gods this time. I think getting Patty to direct the movie is the only more unconventional choice they could have gone with than having you direct the first movie.

Branagh: But I’m excited by it. It’s a great choice.

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