Wanted 2 Moving Forward

Michael and I were just hired by Uni to write WANTED 2.

Following the post, The Wrap caught up with Haas, who said that the film is currently without a director but that the storyline will, "take off after the events of what just happened. Pick up Wesley a few years later and go back in for another round."

Though unconfirmed, the implication is that James McAvoy will return to the role of Wesley Gibson, an accountant-turned-assassin. The original also starred Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie, but at least the latter does not plan on returning.

"Being dead makes it difficult," she said last year, "They were [trying to bring me back], but I kind of feel like if I die in a movie, I should die actually… It would just be doing the exact same thing in another movie, so it's not that interesting to me."

Check back soon for updates on Wanted 2 as they become available.

UPDATE: Mr. Haas has tweeted the following update:

"To answer 2 questions I've been asked today: our draft of W2 will be Fox-less and Loom-less."

Fox, of course, refers to Jolie's character and the Loom to the mystical device that dispensed assassination targets in the original.