New Photos From the Cleveland Set of The Avengers

As we’ve been seeing all summer,  no one has better access to the set of next summer’s biggest superhero movies than the locals, and Cleveland’s local paper, The Plain Dealer has a report on the filming of Marvel’s The Avengers on East Ninth Street in downtown Cleveland as well as seven high-quality photos.

As has already been reported, Cleveland is doubling for New York City and earlier this week, we posted a local television news report on the production setting up to start filming. The Plain Dealer took a few pictures of the destruction being created for Monday’s sequence involving collapsed buildings and crushed cars and talked to some of the locals gathering to watch the movie magic as it happens.

Some of the objects we see in the pictures may hint rather subtly of when the production might be moving to New York City proper and where they might be shooting. For instance, there are two prominent NYC Restaurant Week banners, advertising an actual event that’s taking place in New York right now and continues through Labor Day, as well as a fictitious restaurant called the “Grand Central Bistro,” which suggests that might be the part of midtown where they’re filming. 

You can read the full report and see more pictures over at the The Plain Dealer.