9 Minutes of Captain America B-Roll Footage

Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios have send two B-roll videos from the sets of Captain America: The First Avenger that total more than nine minutes. The footage contains spoilers, so only watch the two clips if you don't mind knowing certain thingsā€¦

Which brings us to this note we received from 'KapoMonkey' that says the teaser trailer for The Avengers is actually the after-credits scene for "Captain America."

Just got back from an advanced screening of Captain America. Its a badass movie but that's not highlight of the movie, it's the after-credits scene. Or should I say trailer. That's right, the AVENGERS teaser trailer is shown after Captain America. It's about a minute long and you get glimpses of all the Avengers cept the Hulk (all wearing new costumes, including Hawkeye and Black Widow), a quick glimpse of Loki the supposed villain. Really quick trailer, AWESOME doesn't begin to describe it.