RIP Randy Savage

Though best known for his time in the ring as a professional wrestler in the WWF and the WCW, Savage is known to comic book fans for his portrayal of Bonesaw McGraw in Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man film. Based on the Marvel Comics character of Crusher Hogan, Bonesaw/Crusher has the distinction of being Spider-Man’s very first foe, even before the burglar that killed Uncle Ben.

Also known as the celebrity face of Slim Jim,  Savage will be remembered as well by genre fans for frequent guest appearances in TV and film, including cameos in Bolt, “Dexter’s Laboratory,” “Duck Dodgers” and as the voice of Space Ghost’s grandfather, Leonard “The Gray Ghost” Ghostal, on “Space Ghost Coast to Coast.”

Savage is survived by his wife, Lynn and his brother, Larry Poffo.