Barry Sonnenfeld Plans Dominion: Dinosaurs Versus Aliens

Production currently underway on his latest, Men in Black III, Barry Sonnenfeld has his sights set on another alien adventure. Deadline reports that Sonnenfeld is developing a project alongside Grant Morrison entitled Dominion: Dinosaurs Versus Aliens

Morrison, known for comic books like “Animal Man,” “The Invisibles” and “All-Star Superman,” will develop the high concept idea as both a graphic novel and as a screenplay with Sonnenfeld attached to direct the film version.

The report suggests that the story, which has aliens invading the Earth in prehistoric times, will feature dinosaurs as the protagonists. There’s certainly a question of how anthropomorphized the creatures may become to be relatable to regular audiences, but Morrison took up a similar challenge with his 2005 miniseries, We3. The ultra-violent story of a cat, a rabbit and a dog turned into deadly military weapons made limited use of dialogue and is also set for development on the big screen. The comic book version is set to hit later this year through Liquid Comics.

Click on the teaser art below for a much larger version.