Fantastic Four #12 First Look Turns Marvel’s Avengers Into Dinosaurs

Marvel Comics has released a first-look preview for October’s Fantastic Four #12, which sends Marvel’s First Family to an alternate reality where humans — including the Avengers — have been replaced by dinosaurs.

Fantastic Four #12 is written by Ryan North and illustrated by Iban Coello. The unlettered preview pages and Alex Ross‘ cover art pit the eponymous team against the dinosaur Avengers — including Brachiosaurus Iron Man, Lambeosaurus Captain Marvel, Quetzalcoatlus Black Widow, and more. One page even reverses this premise, with the human Avengers battling dinosaur versions of Marvel’s First Family. Additionally, Marvel has revealed Ross’ cover art for Fantastic Four #13, which shows Doctor Doom riding atop an energy beam-breathing T-Rex based on his likeness.

Check out the first-look preview for Fantastic Four #12 (and the cover art for Fantastic Four #13) below:

What to expect from Fantastic Four #12

“What happens when a parallel world starts out different from our own but, through random chance and development, begins to resemble our Earth more and more closely? And what happens when those two universes begin to merge not just in style, but literally?” an official synopsis for Fantastic Four #12 reads.

“It’s a fascinating scientific question that the Fantastic Four will have to consider as they swap places with their counterparts in this other world and find themselves battling for survival in the universe where everyone is a dinosaur, and not anthropomorphic ones, but literal full-scale dinosaurs with all their super-powers, wearing amazing super-hero costumes!” it continues. “Can Sue Storm defeat Brachiosaurus Iron Man? Can the Human Torch take down Lambeosaurus Captain Marvel, her head frill mimicking her human counterpart’s spiked hair? Can Reed Richards ever stop Quetzalcoatlus Black Widow, the deadly assassin of the skies?”

The synopsis concludes, “Beyond the dinosaurs and chaos and two universes merging, this issue also features emotional and heartfelt reunions with some missing members of the Fantastic Four family! So: Dinosaurs and catharsis, together at last … Plus: Sue Storm’s doctorate is finally revealed!”

Fantastic Four #12 goes on sale Wednesday, October 4 from Marvel Comics.

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