Superman Production Headed for Plano, Illinois?

While this has not been confirmed, Crain is reporting that Zack Snyder’s Superman movie will partly shoot in Plano, Illinois, just to the west of Chicago. You can read more about the city on Wikipedia.

While filming locations have not been announced, Warner recently started hiring here and making plans for a movie code-named “Autumn Frost,” according to several union and film industry sources, who confirm that “Autumn Frost” is really “Superman: Man of Steel.”

Movie studios often use code names to create buzz about big projects. But it’s hard to keep one this big under wraps. “We hear they’re taking offices in Naperville and shooting in Plano,” says Joe Crededio, a manager at Chicago Studio City and a son of its owner. “There’s going to be 10 weeks of prep, 10 weeks of shooting. They’re bringing in a lot of people from California.”

Plano Mayor Robert Hausler confirms via email that Warner plans to shoot a big movie in his city this summer, but “we haven’t received all of the details yet. You have heard more than we have.”

Outdoor scenes would be filmed here, with interiors shot in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Henry Cavill, Diane Lane and Kevin Costner are the announced cast members so far for the late 2012 release.