Exclusive: Zack Snyder on Superman

 CS: I really love the fact you’ve been able to use a lot of the same team from “300” through “Watchmen” and this including Larry Fong and Michael Wilkinson, and we can see how that collaboration evolves. I know your next movie “Superman” will be high-profile but do you think you’ll be bringing a lot of them along?

Snyder: Yeah, you know, I really wanted to, but they’re all out on other movies now, so I don’t know if they’ll be able to, because “Superman” is going so fast that none of my people expected it was going to be so quick and that I’d have another movie up so fast, and “Superman” has come pretty quick. Because they try and get their next geese in line, so I’m kind of having to go to another team for “Superman” but I will be back to my people as soon as I can.

CS: I was personally surprised by the announcement because I thought that after doing two movies at once (ED: Zack was also working on “Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole” at the same time as making “Sucker Punch”), you’d take a year off but that’s not happening. What’s going to happen with some of the other projects you were going to do like “Heavy Metal,” “Army of the Dead” you were going to produce–are you still able to develop some of those projects?

Snyder: Yeah, absolutely. “Heavy Metal,” no one wants to do that, but I just basically made a “Heavy Metal” movie, that’s what “Sucker Punch” is. I’ve got a script for “Illusion” and I have a script for “Xerxes” and I have a script for “Army of the Dead,” so there’s a lot of stuff we have that we can work on, but I think that I’m just going to knock this “Superman” movie out and then see how we feel about what we want to do after that.

CS: One thing that’s really intriguing is to see you work with Christopher Nolan, because I feel like you have very different sensibilities. I was curious how that would work especially with him doing another movie at the same time. Are you guys finding out that you have similar approaches to thing?

Snyder: Yeah, I feel like Chris and I, we actually get along really well and Chris is a really interesting guy and he’s been incredibly helpful and incredibly supportive. I think he just treats me the way he would want to be treated as far as he just has a lot of respect for other filmmakers. He’s an incredible resource on the other hand and he’s super-busy but we see each other quite a bit, and it’s kind of fun and I think we have a pretty good time.

CS: I’ve been reading some of the soundbites that have come out of the junket this weekend, and it’s interesting how your career has grown along with the evolution of the internet, the fact that each movie you make just has more and more speculation. Obviously, “Superman” is getting even more attention because it’s so high profile, but do you think it’s going to surprise people who think they know what to expect from you after your last five movies?

Snyder: Yeah, I think it will. Actually, that’s something I’ve endeavored from the beginning and one of the first things I said to Chris and Emma was that Superman needs to live in the real world and if I were to do this, it would be me making a more realistic movie, whatever that even means. I’ve never shot a movie on location or in the real world, it’s a weird thing.

CS: Obviously, it’s early to tell and I don’t know what your timeframe is, but do you have a date when you’re shooting for or is that up in the air until you actually start filming?

Snyder: For “Superman”? No, we’re going to shoot it at the beginning of August.

CS: But do you have a release date yet? Because at one point, it was going to be released during Christmas time 2012 which is getting pretty crowded.

Snyder: Oh, for the release? Well, I don’t know to be quite honest with you. They’re just screwing around with the release. I’m just going to make the movie and let them determine when they’re going to put it out. It is Superman after all.

CS: Any idea when we’ll hear more cast announcements for the movie? A lot of people are getting really excited to hear who else will be in it.

Snyder: I know I think that, too. Soon, soon. I can’t say exactly when but I think you should stay tuned. The movie is growing and getting more awesome every day, so it’s good.

CS: Do you think you might do something at Comic-Con this year even though you won’t have started shooting by then?

Snyder: I have the DVD for “Sucker Punch” so I may go anyway.

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