Diane Lane Talks Superman

“I’ve always wanted to raise a good man,” she jokes about working alongside Henry Cavill, who will be playing both Clark Kent and Superman, “I thought that was the biggest challenge a woman could have, and so I get the embarrassment of riches.”

Lane also explains that, to help get excited for the project, she’s been rewatching films from Snyder’s oeuvre, particularly 2009’s Watchmen. Describing the director as “audicious” and “brilliant,” Lane promises that Superman is, “going to be a wild ride.”

“I’m very flattered to play Martha Kent and live up to his vision,” she says, “It’s pretty cool.”

Lane marks the youngest actress to ever take on the role of Martha. On the big screen, Eva Marie Saint most recently played the part in Superman Returns, taking over the role from Phyllis Thaxter who appeared in all four original cinematic Superman films. A  younger take on the character was also offered in the “Smallville” television series, as portrayed by Annette O’Toole (who was just a few years older than Lane is now when the series began).

Though the role of Martha’s husband, Jonathan, has not been cast, rumors persist that Kevin Costner is likely for the part.

Superman heads into production soon, eyeing a December 2012 release.