Are the Inhumans Coming to the Big Screen?

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and introduced in the pages of “Fantastic Four” #45 back in 1965–a few members appeared in earlier issues–the Inhumans were regulars in that series for decades before being given a high-profile mini-series in the late ’90s and they’ve been very active in the Marvel Universe ever since.  One would think that the Inhumans would have gone to 20th Century Fox in their ’90s deal with Marvel for a series of Fantastic Four movies, but apparently Marvel has gotten the rights back and they plan on developing a movie based on the characters, essentially the descendants of the alien Kree race living in the constantly-moving city of Attilan who acquire their powers via exposure to Terrigen Crystals.

Devin Faraci of Badass Digest found a description of the project listed on the industry site It’s On the Grid as something being developed by Walt Disney Pictures, who we all know is the parent company for Marvel Studios.

Disney and Marvel are looking for writers for the project with the following description saying what the movie is about:

“Aliens who were put on Earth as sleeper cell aliens to eventually call back their race to take over the planet. Ultimately, the group of aliens fully assimilates and don’t want to cause war.”

We’ll probably get more information on the project once Disney and Marvel actually find writers, and even then, there’s no guarantee that the resulting screenplay will be greenlit for production, but it’s still an interesting development to think that some of Marvel’s oddest-looking superheroes may eventually come to movie theaters. (We disagree with Faraci’s conjecture that the characters might be introduced in The Avengers though, as that would be quite presumptuous to try to introduce such complex characters as a cameo without knowing if they have any future in the movies.)