Ryan Reynolds Talks Deadpool, Green Lantern

He said: “Deadpool’s still in the works. I’m not sure how logistically it works in terms of scheduling, but yeah, I want it to happen.”

He also talked about Green Lantern having a CGI suit instead a him wearing a real costume…

“It has to be virtual rather than spandex. This is a suit from an alien planet. It’s not The Dark Knight – I don’t put the suit on and my voice drops several octaves. The suit is powered specifically on his will, his emotion, his creativity and his imagination. I love that. Everything Hal creates are images from his childhood. Or things fuelled specifically from his own mind.”

The magazine also asked Reynolds if there were any issues playing both Green Lantern and Deadpool…

“Those two universes are completely different.Superhero movies are so pervasive in pop culture, I don’t look at the as superhero roles as much as just roles. They’re such different people. Deadpool is about a guy in a highly militarised shame spiral, Green Lantern is more universally themed.”

Green Lantern will hit 3D and 2D theaters on June 17.