The Avengers Cleveland Shoot Confirmed

Scoopers ‘Rob Kainec’ and ‘Apama’ alerted us to this article from The Plain Dealer which confirms that scenes for The Avengers will be shot in Cleveland in the fall. Here are some highlights from the article:

Gov. John Kasich announced that the upcoming Marvel movie featuring the superhero team The Avengers, scheduled for a 2012 release, will be filmed in Cleveland.

He made the announcement before Mayor Frank Jackson’s State of the City address this afternoon at the City Club.

"I’m really pleased that the city is going to get this movie," he said. "It’s fantastic. It required quick and hard work between the community here and the state of Ohio, something that hasn’t always happened. We won another one from Michigan. I’m thrilled we are going to have this here. I’m just bucking for a part as Governator 2."

Wayne Hill, chairman of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission, said the Avengers movie will be the largest film ever made in Ohio and that filming is expected to start in the fall.

Reportedly, people associated with the film are already in Cleveland scouting out locations.

As we previously mentioned, the majority of the filming will take place at Albuquerque Studios in New Mexico.