Could the Female Lead in Superman Be a Villain?

Now, Latino Review, who have gotten many a scoop on Warner Bros.’ past superhero movies including the casting of Bryan Singer’s Superman and Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight, have come forward with some new information they got from one of their inside sources. 

First, they say that contrary to rumors, Lois Lane will still be in the movie (possibly playing a smaller role?), but also that the three actresses cited were auditioning for the role of Ursa, who Superman fans will remember from the 1980 sequel Superman II as General Zod’s second-in-command. Snyder has mostly denied that General Zod would appear in his movie although that may have changed since he was last asked, and the choice of a European actress would follow in line with her casting in the earlier sequel in which she was played by British actress Sarah Douglas.

With filming to begin this summer and Snyder to be doing press soon for his upcoming foray into original non-comic-related ideas in Sucker Punch (out March 25), we expect that all will be revealed soon enough in terms of who will be the villain in Snyder’s reboot and who might be playing them.