First Shot of Bucky From Captain America

New shots from Captain America: The First Avenger have appeared in the French edition of Premiere and scans are now available thanks to French website Les toiles Heroiques.

Below is the first shot of Cap’s sidekick, “Bucky” Barnes as portrayed by Sebastian Stan. Also included in the magazine are new images of HYDRA troops and Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull (still pre-transformation).

The site also notes that one of the articles features an update from Chris Evans who says that he is not contracted for nine Marvel films as was previously rumored.

“To be honest,” he says in a quote translated back from French, “it was quite intimidating to commit to nine films in a row. Thankfully, we reduced the number to six… If all goes as planned, I will be playing Captain America until I’m 40.”

Captain America: The First Avenger is slated to hit theaters on July 22nd in both 2D and 3D.



UPDATE: The LA Times has unveiled a better quality (albeit less action-oriented) shot of Bucky, side by side with Steve Rogers. Describing the movie version of the character as the “Band of Brothers” version, director Joe Johnston says that Stan’s performance will offer a “dark side” to Barnes.

“We took some liberties with the relationship between the two guys,” Johnston is quoted as saying, “In our story, Bucky is already in the service, he’s already joined up and is being sent overseas while Steve is still struggling to get in the army. That’s different than what you may have read in the comics. It adds a nuance to the relationship that pays off later. They’re closer in age, too — they’re virtually the same age.”

Though Johnston doesn’t comment specifically as to whether or not Bucky will be developed as the Winter Soldier that he becomes in the comic book series, he does confirm that this version is a “crack shot with his service rifle”, something that would certainly pave the way for that take on the character.