UPDATE: Captain America Movie Prequel Comics Coming

USA Today reports that along with the Super Bowl spot on Sunday, Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios will launch “Captain America: First Vengeance,” the first issue of an eight-part digital comic book series that will focus on what brought characters to the point where Captain America: The First Avengers begins. Here’s an excerpt from the newspaper’s story:

Naturally, the first issue features Steve Rogers, the hero created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby who has been a staple in the comic book world since 1941. Van Lente first shows him as a frail boy growing up in the 1920s. When he’s declared unfit for military service, Rogers volunteers for a top-secret research project so he can be a real soldier. A dose of super-soldier serum later, Rogers dons the Captain America garb and becomes a World War II hero.

Much of First Vengeance will deal with that origin story — along with an action-packed mission to Nazi-occupied Europe. But the writer is also introducing other characters fans will see in the movie, some of whom are familiar to longtime readers — such as the evil Red Skull and Cap’s sidekick Bucky Barnes.

The first issue will be available for free that day on CaptainAmerica.com, followed by a February 8 release on the Marvel Comics iPad app.

In related news, Dominic Cooper talked about playing Howard Stark in the film with Vulture:

And what do we find out about Howard Stark, Iron Man’s dad, whom you play in Captain America?

We learn the whole idea of where Stark Industries comes from, which is out of pure curiosity and creative juices and excitement towards thinking of the future and developing things for good. He’s a Howard Hughes. He’s a guy that loves inventing, that’s extremely intelligent, and that loves his lifestyle as well.

He’s a ladies’ man?

Absolutely. You’re never quite sure where he’s been or where he’s just come from. And it’s always like he’s just come from somewhere in a tuxedo, from showing people his inventions and his new flying machines. He’s great fun.

Is he a big part of the movie?

He’s important because he’s part of the machinery that helps Captain America manipulate his body.

Is he a father at this point?

No, he’s still a young man with lots of ambition in an extremely exciting time.

Captain America: The First Avengers hits 3D and 2D theaters on July 22.