The Dark Knight Rises Also Filming in Bucharest?

The Romania Business Insider is reporting that Christopher Nolan could also film scenes for The Dark Knight Rises in Bucharest:

The next film in the Batman series – “The Dark Knight Rises” – to be directed by Christopher Nolan, might be filmed in Bucharest this spring, City Hall officials told Mediafax newswire.

Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu said the film’s producers and city officials met to discuss technical issues and director Christopher Nolan presented a list of shooting locations for a future project, such as Bucharest’s historical center and Edgar Quinet Street. People close to the matter said filming might also take place in the Palace of Parliament, as some members of the production team have visited a few of its rooms.

Nolan visited the Turda salt mines in northwestern Romania in December 2010. Turda Mayor said the visit was “unofficial” but involved “scouting” for a future project.

The Dark Knight Rises will start filming soon for a July 20, 2012 release.