Wonder Woman Series Not Coming Soon?

Back in October, it was announced that "Wonder Woman" was heading back to TV in a series from writer/producer David E. Kelley. Now, however, Kelley tells Zap2it that it might be a while before it becomes a real project:

"There’s no real deal in place yet, but yeah, my intent is to take a stab at it," Kelley said. "I’ve been working on it between scripts for ‘Harry’s Law.’ It’s a very, very different genre for me, a very tricky beast. I won’t know whether I’ve cracked it or not until I’ve finished it, but it’s going."

He added thtat "I haven’t necessarily committed to doing it yet. I’m at the point where I’m trying to figure out if I can make the franchise work for me."

Still, it doesn’t sound like it will be moving full speed ahead any time soon. "The only way I’m truly going to discover if [‘Wonder Woman’] is right for me, and I’m right for it, is to roll my sleeves up and close the door and do some work. And that’s a challenge, because it’s kind of a busy time."