Get Ready for “Avengers Assemble”

In an article at Advertising Age, Marvel Entertainment’s Paul Gitter says the "Avengers Assemble" branding will be everywhere soon to promote Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers.

"You’re going to see ‘Avengers Assemble’ logos and icons take more prominent positions," said Paul Gitter, president-consumer products for Marvel Entertainment. "On a lot of the packaging you’re going to see everywhere, Marvel does tie back into ‘The Avengers,’ and the umbrella platform we have set up."

Among the goods set to roll out are a full line of action figures, vehicles and role-playing items from toy maker Hasbro; arts and crafts products from Crayola; die-cast toy vehicles and play sets from Maisto; and footwear from Brown Shoe. Additional licensees include Fruit of the Loom, Kids Headquarters, AME and Jem Sportswear.

The article adds this interesting bit as well:

Whatever Marvel learns in its efforts, expect to see lessons learned applied well beyond the release of "The Avengers" film, said Mr. Gitter. He alluded to a plan in development pegged to 2017, but declined to offer details. As they say in the comics, to be continued.