X-Men: First Class to Feature Emma Frost Lingerie Scene

Shooting on X-Men: First Class is well underway in the United Kingdom and reports keep coming in from all over the web, including a number of tweets from British entertainment personality Jonathan Ross.

“I probably shouldn’t tweet this,” Ross wrote earlier today, “…but – saw some footage from X-Men First Class this morning. It will be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

He quickly followed that, adding, “Also I was there for the filming of a January Jones as Emma Frost scene…in lingerie. Fanboys, start your drooling….”

Meanwhile, the Joy in the Journey blog has turned up more on-set photos, including a look at the logo being used during production. Keep in mind, logos like this are often temporary and tend to change quite a bit before films hit theaters.

Click on the image below for more of the blog’s on-set snapshots: