Mark Millar’s Superhero Movie Revealed

IGN has received word that Mark Millar’s (Kick-Ass, Wanted) low-budget Scotland superhero film is titled Miracle Park. Millar is making his directorial debut with the film that’s currently shooting and described as follows:

"Set in contemporary Scotland, this dark, unique superhero story focuses on a group of animal rights activists who break into a low-level research laboratory to find a mile-long underground base owned and facilitated by the US government.

"Described as The X-Men meets Trainspotting, Miracle Park breaks all the taboos of superhero cinema and offers a completely new take on the genre.

"The movie is shot entirely on a hand-held camera, establishing a tone more consistent with Paranormal Activity or The Last Exorcism than a traditional superhero release.

"Miracle Park is chilling, violent and a totally new experience in cinema. Miracle Park starts where other superhero movies draw the line."

"Principal photography finishes at the end of October and Millar expects to be in post-production until January when the teaser trailer will be released."

You can check out photos of Millar shooting the film here.