More Captain America Set Photos

Scooper ‘Rob’ wrote us today saying he snapped the following pics of a set for Captain America: The First Avenger in Manchester where the production will be filming soon:

Hey guys. Hopefully these are some slightly better shots I took on my way home from work. Particularly got a kick out of the Excelsior cigar shop. Not much has changed from yesterday other than that going up and it doesn’t look, at the moment, like they’re changing a lot of the street, however I imagine that will change as there’s a few modern buildings there but they’re also at the end with a canal so I imagine they won’t be shooting that direction. I included a shot looking up the street around where they’re building. It looked like they’re doing some interiors in one or two of the buildings but they might just be putting in areas they can work from or something. I’ll keep checking up hoping to see something of particular interest… Filming is taking place on the 10th of October.