Weta Test Footage for Randy Queen’s Darkchylde

Randy Queen’s creator-owned comic book Darkchylde was first announced to be made into a film three years ago, but there hasn’t really been much word about it until last month, when the first test footage done by Weta Digital with Randy Queen appeared on Newsarama with a few words from Queen himself. The story went mostly unnoticed but anyone who was a fan of Queen’s character from when it was published in the mid-’90s will probably hope that the project movies forward.

Queen told Newsarama:

"What we’re showcasing for Newsarama readers is hard won, self produced, test footage for a proposed 20-25 million budgeted Darkchylde film. We are the underdogs, so it’s important to not expect Avatar or Iron Man footage, you know? We’re giving a glimpse behind the curtain of a smaller, more intimate horror film we are cultivating, something on the scale of Carrie, but with a more impressive FX resource for Ariel’s dreamscapes and the creatures she becomes. If I can draw it, we can shoot it, it’s just a matter of getting the right people involved. I’m not interested in having someone give me a nickel to go away so they can reverse engineer something that doesn’t need it. We’ve spent 8 years carefully cultivating this film project, and Weta’s celebrated craftsmanship ensures a certain artistic integrity as a personal sentiment for horror fans. A lot of love has gone into creating the haunted world of Ariel Chylde. Most interesting is that every time she sheds her skin, a new creature emerges we’ve never seen before, so audiences never know what to expect. It’s a terrific, market proven concept, and as a fright fan, I want to see the new ideas. I want to see fresh characters that could become as vital to this generation as Freddy, Jason and Michael were to mine, and at this budget level, well crafted horror shows terrific return. We’ve got the script. Darkchylde is ready to fly. We are actively seeking producing partners and independent financing."

You can watch what Queen and Weta Digital came up with to try to put together financing for the proposed movie below: