SDCC: The Green Hornet Panel

The biggest new part of the footage was a number of scenes with Waltz and his double-barreled handgun (Gondry referred to it, after, as a "stereo gun"). It’s hinted that Waltz will have a costume as well at one point and we see a shot of a long red leather coat (but shot from the waist down) walking down the street. In another scene, it seems he’s trying to design a mask in a mirror with construction paper.

There’s one extended splitscreen shot where Waltz’s character is dispatching bounty hunters to go after the Hornet, so it seems that there will be several smaller villains for Green Hornet and Kato to fight against.

Following the footage, Rogen introduced a 3D scene, showcasing "Kato Vision." In the scene, Kato and Britt Reid have bonded over their dislike of Reid’s just-deceased father. They decide to "do something crazy" and break into a cemetery to cut the head off a statue of him.

The footage opens with a 3D animated hornet, flying at the camera and the classic theme playing over.

Reid wears a prototype Green Hornet outfit as a disguise. He has a regular trench coat, a fedora and a green bandana over his face. He successfully cuts off the head but, as he’s leaving with it, he runs into a group of muggers attacking a woman. He tries to help, but gets chased himself.

Just as the muggers knock him to the ground, a fist bursts through the window of a nearby car. It belongs to Kato and we switch to his point of view. Everything moves in slow motion as Kato analyzes the scenes. He spots each and every object that could be used as a weapon, which blinks red to show he’s seen it. As he leaps through the air at the muggers, the scene deepens and multiplies (as the cars do in the trailer). The whole battle continues in slow-motion and, each time a weapon is disarmed, the blinking red turns off.

Kato’s own costume also seems to be somewhat of a prototype outfit, his mask replaced by driving goggles.

The Green Hornet opens in theaters on January 14.