Transformers 3 Filming Updates

We’ve received a lot of updates on the Transformers 3 filming this week. First up, here is scooper ‘Typeorocks’ who has more on the shooting in Chicago and sent along pics:

The Corner Franklin and Washington St is a empty lot. And Crews have been there the last few days setting up a lot of props.  Giant Craters and concrete. Also a lot of scrap metal (car doors included).  They also have huge boxes of office chairs too.  And I’ve seen some drinking fountains and mailboxes at this set. Starting on Friday 7/9-7/12 no Parking in the area of the set.  Which is usually the first sign that production trucks will be there and filming will begin. 

In related news, ‘JP_Forever’ sent us the following:

Transformers 3 is filming this week in Chicago and they are passing out call sheets to warn people about the parking situations and when they are filming where. My current employer forwarded all of the employees and I thought you would be interested in spreading the word. Let me know and I will forward it to you.

While that is going on, the production will also be shooting the scenes involving the stuntmen skydiving from helicopters on Sunday in Chicago. There’s a quite a lot of details on what is going to happen at this link!

Following this weekend, Transformers 3 will move to Milwaukee and ‘udanasw’ posted this segment from the city’s CBS 58 that talks about the scenes that will be shot at the Art Museum on Monday and Tuesday: