Edgar Wright Talks Ant-Man

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World director Edgar Wright talked a bit more about the Ant-Man movie to Box Office Magazine:

I haven’t actually started the second draft yet–I’m not going to be able to until this film [Scott Pilgrim] is out–but what we wrote for the first draft, and what Marvel really liked, is that it’s funny, but it’s a genre film. It’s about the level of comedy that Iron Man has. The idea is to make a high-concept genre film where it’s within another genre. His suit and its power is the big gadget and it takes place in the real world. I just wanted to do something that was slightly different than the superhero origin film. I felt that between that and the various mad scientist, crazy doctor films that we’ve all seen, this would be a way into an origin that was slightly different. I’m not really a multi-tasker–I haven’t done anything since Marvel liked our first draft.

“Scott Pilgrim” hits theaters on August 13th, so if Marvel Studios and Wright are serious about the project, we could see some movement later this year. In the meantime, check out the international trailer for Scott Pilgrim below: