Exclusive: Nick Stoller on Stretch Armstrong

SuperHeroHype parent site ComingSoon.net got a chance to talk to Get Him to the Greek co-writer/director Nick Stoller, who talked about bringing Hasbro’s Stretch Armstrong to the big screen. Here’s an excerpt:

"Rob had a great take on ‘Stretch’ and he told me about it, and I said, ‘Please let me write it.’ It’s a superhero origin story taking it totally seriously, kind of in the ‘Iron Man’ tone—for lack of a better descriptor. We’re taking it seriously, but it will have a light tone to it. Hasbro has an idea of it and it’s based on a new version of that character. It’s kind of a blank slate. There wasn’t really much of a backstory to the original Stretch Armstrong so we’re just kind of inventing it from the ground up."

"With ‘Stretch,’ I don’t think there are a ton of original Stretch Armstrong fans out there," he continued. "It’s more about creating a universe of superheroes that I’m really excited about. Rob and I have cracked a pretty cool story I think and Rob has a really cool take on what this can be, and it’s going to be a huge budget spectacular thing. I love ‘Iron Man,’ I love ‘The Dark Knight’ and it’s exciting to get to play in this world, because the budgets of these comedies are pretty small, and to get to do something that’s just gigantic and exciting but a totally grounded human story at the center of it that I think people are going to respond to."

Click here to check out the full interview in which he also talks about the new Muppets movie!