Sony May Make Ghost Rider 2 Without Cage?

Vulture reports that Columbia Pictures may have to go with a new actor for Ghost Rider 2 if they want to keep the rights to the character. Here’s a clip:

How badly does Columbia need to get the motor running on its Ghost Rider sequel? So badly that if Nicolas Cage can’t commit to making it this year, they may have to make it without him. Insiders confirm to Vulture that Columbia is facing a ticking clock on the rights to the BBQ-skulled Marvel Comics character: Legally, if the studio isn’t in production on a sequel by November 14, 2010, the franchise automatically reverts to Marvel — which means the comic company’s new owner, Disney.

Cage may be shooting the third "National Treasure" movie later this year which would keep him from being able to participate. The site posted a bit more on which writers have been working on the script:

We hear that FlashForward writers Scott Gimple and Seth Hoffman, overseen by their show’s creator (and Batman Begins scribe), David S. Goyer, have just turned in a draft of a GR2 script, which Columbia will bring to a still-evolving list of potential directors.

Source: Vulture