Karl Urban on Priest

ComingSoon.net talked recently to Star Trek star Karl Urban and asked him about his role in the comic book adaptation Priest, coming to theaters on January 14, 2011.

Q: Can you talk about who you play in “Priest” and if you’ve seen the dailies?

Karl Urban: I haven’t seen anything. I heard the other day they showed the film to Sam Rami and a bunch of execs over at Sony and they were just really thrilled with it. I’m really looking forward to seeing it. I play a character called Black Hat who is the villain of the film. I think that’s coming out early next year I believe.

Q: Did you enjoy playing a villain?

Urban: I did. The fun things about villains is that they get to do and say those things that we can never do in real life. I love that.

Q: Was there any villain that inspired you or the role?

Urban: Really it’s a big nod back to the silent movie days. The villain in a western wore a black hat so visually it takes it’s queue off that.

Q: Is the body language the same? Any twirling of mustaches?

Urban: No, I think that’s a mistake. You go into a generic area there. The thing about that character was that he was a former priest and his job was to hunt down vampires. He was captured and turned into one and found himself on the other side. I guess it’s kind of a do or die situation.

Q: It’s more fun playing the villain though because they’re more complex right?

Urban: I had a lot of fun on that. There was an emotional complexity about it in terms of the fact that I felt betrayed by Paul Bettany’s character for having let me go or letting him let me be captured or not killed me. There’s sort of interesting layers that you can sort of infuse and the depth of that rage and anger and longing and lust even of wanting Paul Bettany’s character the Priest to come and join me so together as brothers they can exterminate humanity.

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Source: ComingSoon.net