The Toxic Avenger is Coming Back

A remake of The Toxic Avenger is in the works and will be produced by Akiva Goldsman, Richard Saperstein and Charlie Corwin. Original Media has acquired the rights to franchise that includes sequels, an animated TV series and comic books. The company will finance the development of a script.

Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman directed the 1984 original, which starred Andree Maranda, Mitchell Cohen, Pat Ryan Jr., Jennifer Baptist, Robert Pritchard, Cindy Manion, Gary Schneider and Mark Torgl.

The film is set in Tromaville, New Jersey – a small American town, terrorized by criminals. Among the residents of Tromaville is Melvin, a nerdy emaciated janitor at the local health club. A gang of thugs devise a cruel hoax that goes horribly wrong as Melvin is cast through a third story window into a vat of hazardous toxic waste. However, an unexpected metamorphosis takes place. As the chemicals take hold of his body, Melvin turns into the Toxic Avenger, doer of good, and brutal mauler of evil.

Deadline New York says “the group intends to turn Toxie into a green superhero for these environmentally conscious times.” The remake is expected to be a family friendly PG-13 action comedy.

Source: Deadline New York