Downey Suiting Up for Third Iron Man?

Robert Downey Jr. was at ShoWest last week promoting the fall release of the Todd Phillips comedy Due Date which teams him with comedian Zach Galifianakis. was there and we spoke to Downey, but didn’t have any time to ask him anything Iron Man-related in the mayhem of our interview, but one of the other outlets Downey spoke to was The Associated Press.

Everyone has been well aware (or at least we’ve all assumed) that Downey’s Iron Man would play a pivotal part in Marvel Studios’ planned The Avengers, but whether he’d do an Iron Man 3 before or after has only been hinted at but never confirmed.

Although The Associated Press didn’t include a direct quote from Downey in their piece on Due Date, they do mention in the article that he is prepared to do a third movie, so he must have said something to that extent to them:

Galifianakis said he expects to begin work this fall on the sequel to "The Hangover," while Downey said he aims to suit up for a third "Iron Man" flick.

That doesn’t tell us a lot, because we still don’t know if this is something he’ll do anytime soon or sometime down in the road. Either way, Iron Man 2‘s success is a foregone conclusion at this point, and it would make sense for Marvel to continue his story, especially since we have yet to see The Mandarin.

In a little over a month, Downey will be doing press for Iron Man 2, which is out May 7, and we’re sure that more questions about a threequel will be on many minds by then.

Source: The Associated Press, Edward Douglas