Transformers 3 Spy Report!

SuperHeroHype received the following spy report on the Transformers 3 production today along with pics!

Hey, SHH… Wanted to give you a heads-up that my travels through Los Angeles found me on the soundstages of Playa Vista where Favreau shot the first Iron Man, Cameron did some work on Avatar and Bay shot both of the Transformers films.

Well, Transformers 3 is gearing up there. I’ve attached pics of the sign I stumbled upon at the warddrobe department just to offer a little proof. When I peeked inside, posters for both Transformers were hanging up and clothing racks had tons of military gear hanging from them. Above one rack it read "Iranian Army." Above another rack it read "Ukranian Army" and above a third rack it referred to "Matt" ("Matt’s costumes").

There’s some big stuff being built here, man. One end of the soundstage had some wooden structures. Another area they were chopping away at styrofoam to create a rocky terrain. And the crew was rolling along something that looked like a giant gear. I breezed on by the "model" shop and, while I couldn’t get a good look inside, there were a lot of moon reference photos and NASA moon lander pics. I could have sworn I saw a Transformer, again, didn’t get a good look.

There you have it…! Transformers 3 is in full swing!

Source: SuperHeroHype