Samuel Bayer Wants to Direct The Boys

We recently talked to screenwriters Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay about adapting Garth Ennis and Darrick Robertson’s The Boys.

Now, SuperHeroHype brother site has learned from A Nightmare on Elm Street director Samuel Bayer that he’s interested in directing. He told Shock…

There’s one comic book I really dig that I want to go after that’s bad-ass. I’d like to get it, it’s called The Boys. It’s about a group of mercenaries and they’re job is to kick the sh*t out of superheroes who get out of line. It doesn’t get any better than that. In the world of The Boys, superheroes are scumbags. My youngest brother is a comic book historian and he introduced me to a lot of graphic novels like “The Dark Knight.” There are some great books I don’t think people have tapped into yet.