Barry Allen in The Flash
Barry Allen in The Flash

The Flash BTS Video Shows Dark Flash’s Terrifying Practical Costume

A new behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Flash showcases the amount of effort that went into making Dark Flash a terrifying villain.

The video, which was shared by Warner Bros. Discovery, documents the creation of Barry Allen’s brawl with his corrupted multiversal self. Director Andy Muschietti breaks down why he wanted to have Dark Flash represented through practical effects rather than CGI, noting that he wanted the villain to have a tangible presence in the movie.

“This is the conclusion of the plot and it’s big and it’s bombastic and it’s very emotional,” the filmmaker said. “I wanted Dark Flash to be a monster, not only psychologically but also visually. There was a lot of work put into it from the costume department in combination with the stunts, makeup, hair and the actors, obviously.”

The clip includes various scenes of Dark Flash and Barry Allen tussling on a sound stage, with pieces of concept art cropping up to show looks at early designs that ultimately didn’t make the cut. Costume Supervisor Dan Grace also provides a breakdown on how the Dark Flash’s costume evolved from a Michael Keaton‘s Batman costume all the way through to the “molten” look that ultimately battled The Flash during the final fight.

The Flash Lets DC Down

Despite the hype surrounding The Flash, the movie ultimately proved to be a commercial disappointment for Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Studios. After receiving mixed reviews from fans and critics, the movie struggled to move the needle at the box office but has since proved more successful after arriving on digital platforms and, more specifically, Max. Whether this means Ezra Miller‘s Barry Allen will return to the DCU in a future project currently remains unknown at the time of writing.

The Flash is now available to own on Digital, 4K, Blu-ray and DVD and can be streamed on Max.