Jaime Reyes looking shocked in his Blue Beetle costume.
Jaime Reyes looking shocked in his Blue Beetle costume.

Blue Beetle Star Explains Why His Villain Is Actually a Victim

While Carapax may be set to battle Blue Beetle, actor Raoul Max Trujillo believes his character isn’t a true villain.

In an interview with Screen Rant, the star explained that Carapax is similarly a victim in Kord Industries’ grand plan, noting that he wanted to bring real humanity to the armor-clad powerhouse. “As the film goes on, his humanity is completely revealed. And with that revelation comes the exposure of, “Wow, he was just a victim in all of this; just like anybody is,'” Trujillo said. “I mean, we can do a whole psychological exploration of serial killers and all that stuff, and what makes them that and always there is that injured child. That child that’s been traumatized somehow.”

Blue Beetle Champions Representation

Trujillo went on to explain why he believes his version of Carapax is so important, emphasizing the importance of representation on the big screen and the character’s heritage. “I think most importantly, it’s just the focusing on not only his humanity, but also the fact that he’s indigenous and comes from indigenous Mayan people in Guatemala, which is mentioned at one point by Victoria Kord,” the actor continued. “That’s what makes it hugely different from any of the other Carapax’s that have only been read about, but no one’s seen them yet.”

Despite Trujillo’s passion for his character, details on Carapax are still scarce. Blue Beetle’s trailers have positioned him as one of the movie’s core antagonists, effectively serving as a superpowered thug working for Kord Industries. Fans already suspect that something else might be at play though after a promo video showed The Scarab describing Carapax as an OMAC, a type of cyborg that has played a major role in DC’s comics and has a major connection to Batman.

Blue Beetle flies into theaters on August 18.