The Batman Director Aims to ‘Push It Farther’ With Part II

The Batman director and co-writer Matt Reeves hopes the upcoming sequel will continue to push the envelope for superhero cinema.

Reeves discussed The Batman – Part II during a recent appearance on the Team Deakins podcast. “I’ve had so many wonderful collaborators to work with,” the filmmaker said. “And when you find someone who you love working with, you just wanna … ‘Come on, please, let’s keep working together … How much farther can we push it?’ Like, I’ve been talking to [The Batman cinematographer Greig Fraser] about — I’m trying to write the next movie now with my partner, and we’re doing this thing — and he’s, like, going, ‘Let’s just push it farther.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, that would be really exciting to do.”

The Batman – Part II hits theaters in 2025

Directed by Reeves from a script he co-wrote with Peter Craig and Mattson Tomlin (the latter of whom was uncredited), The Batman released in theaters in March 2022. The film served as a reboot of the Batman film series, with Robert Pattinson taking over as the Dark Knight. The film was a financial success for Warner Bros. and DC, grossing a worldwide total of $771 million at the box office.

The Batman was also a big hit with critics and audiences alike. The film received widespread praise for its noir story, strong performances, dark atmosphere, foreboding soundtrack, and ambitious cinematography. Unsurprisingly, Warner Bros. quickly confirmed a follow-up, with Reeves and Pattinson returning. The Batman – Part II is expected to bow in late 2025 as the first of two planned sequels. Tomlin is returning to co-write the screenplay.

A number of spin-off shows also in the works for Max. One such spin-off is The Penguin. The upcoming series sees Colin Farrell reprise his role as Oswald “Oz” Cobblepot. It will chronicle Oz’s rise through Gotham’s criminal underworld. Notably, Reeves’ Pattinson-led Batman universe will continue to exist as part of DC StudiosElseworlds banner, separate from the rebooted DC Universe. The new DCU is getting its own Batman film in the form of The Brave and the Bold, which has yet to cast its Caped Crusader.

The Batman – Part II is currently scheduled for release on Oct. 3, 2025.