Cosmo the Spacedog

James Gunn Explains Making Cosmo the Spacedog Female in the MCU

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 out in theaters, DC Studios Co-CEO James Gunn is answering fan questions and theories on his Twitter. One of the questions asked Gunn why he made Cosmo the Spacedog female in the MCU.

Why did James Gunn Make Cosmo the Spacedog female in the MCU?

Gunn posted a picture of the motion capture and voice actors, which includes Maria Bakalova’s Cosmo. Twitter user @Logan7810680 asked Gunn why he made Cosmo a female dog instead of a male dog, the original gender in the comics. Gunn explained that Cosmo is based on the female Russian dog Laika, so he honored the inspiration with the gender swap.

User @Notgoingsane said the change “serves no purpose.” Gunn countered by mentioning Cosmo “would not exist without Laika” and that creature swaps were previously made for standout characters, including Mantis and Drax.

As two users continued to debate the decision, Gunn shared the definition of “adapt” and stated that “change is always a necessary part of adaptation.”

@Notgoingsane preferred that changing established characters should only happen if the material states it’s part of the “multiverse.” Once again, Gunn countered that the MCU is a “multiverse thing,” explaining how the universe is a “different version of Earth 616.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 recently crossed the $200 million mark domestically and $500 million mark worldwide. In its second week, the film grossed a better-than-expected $62.6 million domestically, making Vol. 3 one of a handful of MCU films to have dipped under a 50% drop as it only dropped 47%.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is now in theaters.