Zack Snyder Wonder Woman

Zack Snyder Elaborates on Changed Wonder Woman Backstory

Prior to the focus on the titular heroine’s World War I days, the original Wonder Woman could have had a much different story. Director Zack Snyder recently elaborated on how Wonder Woman’s story differed prior to director Patty Jenkins taking on the character’s origin.

How was Wonder Woman’s story different?

During a Q&A session at SnyderCon 2023, Snyder was asked by a fan how Wonder Woman’s original DC Extended Universe backstory would have panned out. The director reiterated the original story idea, then explained the context of an early photo that showed Wonder Woman during the Crimean War.

Zack Snyder Wonder Woman

“The idea of it was that, in those days — because Diana was searching for the god of war … Ares, around the world … in her quest to find him, she ended up going to all the hotspots, where all these conflicts were in the world,” Snyder described. “And then in those conflicts, looking for Ares, she would come across some amazing warrior on the battlefield that she would say, ‘hey … I’m looking for this god of war. I need a team to help me.’

“And that was the basic concept behind who all those guys were. And that they saw her on the battlefield and she was so insanely powerful that they were like, ‘Yeah … in service of this goddess that is even more powerful than the service of my country or whatever I am doing … this goddess asking me to join her … is quite an honor.’ So that’s why when we see her in Crimea, she’s ended up with those cats who are with her from her journey around the world.”

Wonder Woman’s first solo movie in the DCEU would end up releasing in 2017. The film takes place during World War I and follows Wonder Woman/Diana Prince as she searches for the god of war Ares and meets human pilot Captain Steve Trevor. A sequel, titled Wonder Woman 1984, released at the end of 2020 and followed the titular hero as she battled the supervillain Cheetah and businessman Maxwell Lord.