Zack Snyder Shares Original Look at Wonder Woman in the Crimean War

Had it been purely up to Zack Snyder, Wonder Woman might have had an entirely different origin story. The Amazonian princess made her debut on the DCEU in the Batman v Superman, where Bruce Wayne can see a photograph of her during World War I. However, Snyder considered setting Diana Prince’s origin in the mid-19th century Crimean War. And he went as far as taking an actual photo of the warrior princess during those gruesome years. In the picture, Wonder Woman in the Crimean War can be seen in the company of several military men, with a bunch of severed heads hanging from her left hand.

During a recent interview with ComicBook Debate, the director shared a closer look at that photo. Fortunately for the fans, it has made its way online. You can check it out here below.

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In the past, Snyder also revealed that he considered setting Wonder Woman’s origins during the American Civil War. However, they eventually settled upon World War I after Patty Jenkins took over the franchise. Jenkins also opted to smooth some of Diana’s violent traits, and those severed heads were dropped.

What do you think of Zack Snyder’s vision for Wonder Woman? Would you have preferred to see a more gruesome Diana Prince? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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