Andy Muschietti Explains Why The Flash Sequel is Still Possible

It’s a minor miracle that the creative team behind The Flash was able to finish the movie. Between Ezra Miller’s legal issues, post-production problems, and multiple director changes, the film appeared to be a cursed project that would never see the light of day. But not only will The Flash arrive later this spring, it will also play an integral role in shaping the future of the DC Universe. And that’s why director Andy Muschietti believes there are still more stories to tell in a sequel.

At a recent screening of The Flash (via Collider), Muschietti participated in a Q&A with his producer/sister, Barbara Muschietti. When asked about a potential sequel, the director claimed that he “didn’t talk about it” with DC brass and that the performance of The Flash will determine its future. However, Muschietti mentioned that the introduction of the multiverse opens the door for another installment.

“I think that we’re all waiting to see how this movie does,” said Muschietti. “Of course, there’s excitement about continuing the story, especially if this movie is successful. Of course, there’s an architecture in DC that is brewing and it’s being created. And the question is, will this new architecture absorb this story?”

“The good thing about the multiverse is that it is possible,” continued Muschietti. “The multiverse allows all of these different worlds to coexist and interact, and so, hopefully, yes, I mean, we don’t know yet. That’s the truth.”

The Flash hits theaters on June 16.

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