Unicron Returns in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Trailer

The full Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Trailer just dropped the movie’s biggest reveal. And it’s a swerve away from the mythology of the Michael Bay films, too. Unicron — the giant, planet-sized robot voiced by Orson Welles in the animated movie — will finally menace Earth in live-action. This would appear to contradict the ending of Bay’s The Last Knight, which revealed that Unicron was actually Earth as a living, semi-dormant Transformer. The advent of a giant, planet eater arriving in our solar system in the ’90s would also not likely be the sort of thing anyone would forget by 2007, when the events of the events of the first Transformers movie take place.

Colman Domingo will follow in Welles’ footsteps as the voice of the big bad. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who usually seems like he’s not holding back any details when he talks to press, genuinely swerved fans on this one. After Bumblebee, he would say that the storyline wasn’t going back to the Unicron cliffhanger. The character was just too big to do correctly, he’d claim. And yet here he is. Take a look:

Unicron appears at the top of the new poster, with several other familiar robots below. Paramount just released this one-sheet as well as the trailer:

Continuity, frankly, has never been a major concern of the live-action movies, with virtually every Michael Bay movie retconning details from the previous installments. But unless Earth undergoes a mass amnesia events, or there are actually two Unicrons, this would be the most major indication yet that the current timeline’s a reboot. Thus they might as well not pretend Megatron’s still frozen beneath the Hoover Dam. Who knows — maybe that’s a big surprise in the film’s third act. One of Unicron’s major moves, after all, is turning Megatron into Galvatron. Then again, Galvatron was a truck in Age of Extinction already.

What do you think of Unicron’s reveal? Do you care about continuity in these films? Let us know in comments.

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