Rebecca Ferguson Calls Dune: Part Two Better Than the Original

Two years ago, Dune set a high bar for the sci-fi franchise, winning six Oscars and appearing on many “best of” lists at the end of 2021. Dune managed to gross over $400 million worldwide while being released simultaneously to HBO Max. Now, despite Dune: Part Two being still many months away, the anticipation for the sequel has already begun. Without seeing the film, Rebecca Ferguson, who stars as Lady Jessica, is ready to say that Dune 2 (via Jake’s Takes) will be better than the original.

“I’m gonna say, Part 2 is better than Part 1,” Ferguson told journalist Jake Hamilton. “And that’s me without seeing it, that is me saying it based on what I’ve read, what I’ve seen, what I’ve filmed. I think it’s gonna be better.”

Dune was praised for its locations, electing to film in as many real-world settings as possible to avoid using a green screen. Ferguson spotlighted Abu Dhabi as one of the locations that gave her so much to work with as an actor.

“Running on the sand dunes… feeling so small on these incredible hills. How small we are compared to Mother Nature? I love it.”

Dune: Part Two will pick up shortly after the events of Dune, with Lady Jessica and her son, Paul Atreides, following the Fremen into the desert, as the young boy tries to bring peace to Arrakis.

Dune: Part Two is scheduled to be released in theaters on November 3.

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