Jack Black Was Inspired by Darth Vader for Mario Movie’s Bowser

Much of the discussion (or discourse) surrounding The Super Mario Bros. Movie has involved Chris Pratt’s Mario voice. However, the entire cast had to create unique interpretations of beloved characters from the video game series. Jack Black, who voiced Bowser, recently shared how he was inspired by one of the most iconic villains of all time, Darth Vader.

In an interview with IGN, Black mentioned that Darth Vader provided “a little bit” of inspiration. Black said, “Darth Vader has a lower register, and I also had to go lower than my natural speaking voice.”

Black further compared his appreciation for Darth Vader to his love for villains, which is one of the reasons why he took on the role of Bowser. “Oftentimes, villains are my favorite characters in movies, just because they’re so interesting and they make the drama and the excitement 10 times more effective. It’s like, Darth Vader is my favorite part of Star Wars, and without Darth Vader, that movie’s really boring. You got to have the spice of a real danger, evil lurking in the shadows. So I was stoked to take that on.”

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Finding the right voice for Bowser came through trial and error. Black revealed how he tested many accents and voices before settling on the one used in the movie.

“I tried it with a British accent. I tried it with a little Southern accent. I did a lot of different things and eventually landed on what I did in the movie,” Black said. “I was really relieved that we were able to find something that fit really well with the look of Bowser.”

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will open in theaters on April 5.

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