Alden Ehrenreich on His Future as Han Solo

For better or worse, Alden Ehrenreich will always be remembered as the actor who played a young Han Solo in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Even though Ehrenreich garnered some positive reviews for his performance, including an endorsement from Harrison Ford, the film received mediocre reviews and bombed at the box office. Five years since the release, revisits have been kind to Solo, with many fans rallying behind the hashtag #MakeSolo2Happen. Would the film’s star be open to a sequel? Ehrenreich shared his thoughts on his future as Han Solo with Uproxx.

“If it was the right iteration and the right thing, I would love it,” Ehrenreich said. “Because, for me, in the first movie you watch him become Han. I got to be Han Solo for the last 15 minutes of the movie, maybe. And so being Han Solo is the fun part.”

“And I have no [expletive] idea if there is ever a world where any of that happens, and if it happens, great, if it doesn’t, whatever,” Ehrenreich continued. “But it was really great to … that’s what’s appealing to me about it because in a way they built this sort of origin story for when he becomes who he is, but then that guy is the guy that’s really fun and it’s a ball to play that character specifically.”

Ehrenreich sees Solo as the origin story of a character who eventually turns into the Star Wars legend fans grew to love. If there were future iterations, Ehrenreich compared it to Ford’s other famous character, Indiana Jones, and how the idea of being Han throughout multiple movies is enticing.

“So the first movie, you’re watching him turn into that,” Ehrenreich said. “So getting to be, I think the original vibe of all that stuff was almost more like an Indiana Jones idea where you would get to watch this guy be that guy over the course of a few movies. Anyway, so that’s appealing about it to me is that character and getting to do that. But who knows?

Ehrenreich can next be seen in Cocaine Bear, which opens in theaters on February 24.

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